We don’t bake slices of pie, we bake slices of home sweet home. Remember how good it feels to visit home during the holidays to enjoy a home-cooked family meal with your loved ones? Our family pie recipe is over 100 years old and steeped in tradition that has been handed down over 4 generations of family bakers. From the rustic flakey butter crust to the fresh seasonal fruits we source from local farms, we bake each pie with lots of love and with the highest quality ingredients. We showcase many varieties year-round, with seasonal and holiday specials offered throughout the year. We want it to be the best pie you’ve ever tasted and that every bite gives you that feeling of home sweet home.

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Visit the Pie Shop…

Order pies whole or by-the-slice at our cozy shop on Main St.

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Any pie can be ordered with 24-hour advanced notice

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…or wholesale!

We offer wholesale pricing for large recurring orders

Ol’ Fashioned Pie Shop

Come enjoy our little pie shop that pays tribute to simpler times where good food, fun and most importantly community take center stage.

Our indoor seating has A/C or enjoy the sun on our enclosed patio with games for kids of all ages to play!


(Co-Owner David, Founder Michelle, and Co-Owner Lori)

Have we told you lately that we ❤️ you? Well, it’s true! If you can believe it, we didn’t open a pie shop just to sell pies. We opened a pie shop to be part of a community. We’ve been open only a few short months but it has been such a pleasure to get to know all of you who have come to visit. Whether it’s learning about your families, hearing about your vacations or the home improvement project that you’re working on. Recently, a gentleman proposed to his girlfriend in the shop (she said yes!) because it has become their “special place”! *This* beyond anything signifies what we want to be for you, a special place to make memories and enjoy delicious comforting food made by loving hands. We so appreciate the support and love from our pie fanatic family! We look forward to building relationships with all of you and become something special for the community that we love! Look forward to seeing you soon!


Monday  Closed

Tues – Thurs 12pm – 8pm

Fri – Sat 12pm – 9pm

Sun 12pm – 3pm


Address 331 N Main Ave. Gresham OR 97030

Phone 503.912.3043

Email ilovepievspie@gmail.com